Monday, November 10, 2008

so many backburners, so little time

With all the craziness of buying a house and moving, much has been laid to rest for a time. If you haven't noticed, many posts have been pushed to the wayside with this new burden and overload of stress. So much is to come and much to look forward to. I haven't forgotten about you and all that is in need of being reported. Carpet is being laid as we speak in our house and then our appliances are supposed to show later in the week. In the midst of all of this, we have been trying to keep a somewhat normal schedule for the kids and for my sanity. I just have no idea how people move across the country. Moving across town is barely fitting in with our life demands. To go one more step up that ladder, how does anyone decide to build a home? When does that cross someone's mind as a perfectly normal thing to do? With all the roadblocks we have hit during this process, I have decided to stay put for as long as we can possibly stand it! Not sure I want to go through this again. So, like I said, much is to come. :)

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dayna said...

amen sister! when we moved from ut to cali, cali to CO, it seemed okay and doable, but our upcoming move to NM seems like watching a huge tornado approaching in the distance...i need to find cover so I can weather the storm! hang in thing I can say is that professional movers and travel reimbursements are so nice to have! PS i love that you are reading shannon hales books...aren't they great? can't wait to read them to my kids when they are older