Friday, September 19, 2008

skin conditioning oil

This product has saved me time and time again!! Unfortunately, I live in a very dry climate. When the weather turns cool, my skin reacts by cracking and I mean deep, canyon-like crevices around my fingernails. Defintely very painful and not attractive. The Skin Conditioning Oil from Arbonne smooths and deeply conditions dry skin with an international blend of oils. It relieves dry, irritated skin without feeling greasy. Some of the key ingredients include: pecan oil, avocado oil, hazel seed oil, sea kelp (which aids in oil absorption and is a moisturizer), and mallow (which soothes and acts as an anti-inflammatory). Not only do I rub this on my fingers, but also on the heels of my feet, elbows and even cuts/scrapes. I find it heals much, much faster. And, as always, is included in the Arbonne motto of pure, safe and beneficial.

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