Monday, September 15, 2008

phases and stages

So is this even possible?? No clue that you could nurse while standing. My boobs get so big when I nurse that I have to take 10 minutes of prep time and be heavily supported before I even latch the kid on.

But, I am happy (and sad) to say baby no. 2 has finished nursing. I truly enjoy nursing. Yes, it isn't always comfortable or convenient (i.e. middle of McDonald's playland and baby yanks the covering off) but I love that extra time spent one-on-one with baby. Especially with this second one. I always feel like I am not spending enough time with her because baby no. 1 never stops.

There are bonuses to being done. I finally can wear a normal bra. I can leave her for longer periods of time with the husband and not have to rush home to feed her. No more rock hard, painful, overfull breasts or embarrassing wet-spots. But even with all of this, knowing that I am able to provide her very own, perfectly balanced meal, makes it all worth it.

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Valeri said...

I actually did manage to nurse standing up when Chloe was itty bitty. :) But I never would have attempted that in public. I'm so with you. Nursing is an incredible thing. I stopped nuring Chloe at 13 months, and while we were both ready, I found myself feeling really sad that it was over. I'm definitely looking forward to this next time around.