Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Naomi turns 1

My sweet bundle of joy turned 1 last week. We had fun introducing her to messy eating, cake and ice cream. For some reason, she just didn't like us to sing to her. I guess it could be compared to dogs howling but still...there is no crying on your birthday! Isn't that a cardinal rule or something?

This first year has been full of ups and downs but with Naomi, it has always been up. She amazes us everyday with all she is doing and has the most kissable cheeks out there. Her babbling little voice just melts our hearts. Happy birthday, babe (as Mase likes to call her). Time for a big hug and kiss!!


Rebekah said...

She's so cute!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Debbi said...

We can not believe that she is one. What a cute little girl. How funny that she cried when you sang to her.