Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was introduced to Arbonne approximately 2 years ago by my dear friend Dayna. She called and told me she had found something that changed her skin and she wanted to share it with me. I'm so grateful she did! The health of my skin has always struggled. I have very sensitive skin (my dad's genes for sure) and I could never find the right products to alleviate that. Not only has Arbonne cleared up my skin but it has also given me a wonderful business opportunity. I love being a part of Arbonne and sharing these amazing products with others.

Blogs are platforms of all varities. As you have noticed, I love sharing with you things that I love. From my family to Christian Bale; SNL to photography. I am going to also share with you my love of Arbonne and its many products.

In the Arbonne world September 1 is the launch of all their great Holiday items. These are special because they are only available from September 1-December 31. One of my favorites from the Holiday line is the Ginger Citrus Scrub. It is a gentle exoliating scrub with a succulent, fresh scent.

I love to use this on my feet. They are usually pretty ragged by the end of the summer. Now I can protect them from the drying effects of the hot summer and harsh flip-flops. The essential oils are very moisturizing and not greasy. If you are interested in ordering, let me know.


Brittany and Adam said...

I could use something to clear up my skin, especially when the weather changes I tend to get some break outs. Oh and my Lodge is in Driggs Idaho.

dayna said...

yes i love this stuff too. the whole anti-aging line has completely transformed my skin. i love every single product in that line. i've used it for 2 years now and tried other products in that time...the arbonne stuff is time and time again the best, hands down. i will never stray again!!!