Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hi! hi! hi!

In light of Japan's recent World Cup win - yes I was majorly disappointed but at the same time happy for Japan - I want to share a video we made one night at dinner. The hubs and I at one time knew a little Japanese. We had made a stop there on our way home from Thailand and had given ourselves a crash course in Japanese in order to help us get around while there. So at one time I knew what "Honey Mustah" meant but today I don't. I realize as well that I'm spelling it completely wrong and will probably offend many who actually know Japanese. I apologize.

The hubs and I like to pretend we are tri-lingual. We will rattle off little words and phrases we have learned over the years. Some really don't even make sense. Mainly it has been for the amusement of our kids. On this particular night Omi decided to be the linguist.

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Rebekah said...

haha!! M's laughter is the best!!