Thursday, July 21, 2011

the boy who lived

I realize that blogging about Harry Potter will possibly enduce a sequence of eye-rolling from anyone who reads this. But my reasoning for even talking about it is definitely worth noting.

First off, the movie is excellent. Anyone who has not seen it must at least do so. Not only does it bring the massive franchise to a satisfying and thrilling conclusion, it also closes the end of an era. In the ten years since Harry's first big-screen close-up, the spell has never been broken. And we Muggles have been made better for the magic of it all.

In fact, the first of the Harry Potter movies was released on the day we got married, November 16. I was worried our invited guests would not show on account of the anticipation of the new movie. My cousin even teased he would not be there. I should say "threatened" rather because I honestly thought he may not show! The movie was that big of a deal and I was really looking forward to seeing it. Luckily, we were able to catch a showing while on our honeymoon.

Our first ten years of marriage have been echoed by "the boy who lived" and to have it come to a close is all a bit emotional for me. I will admit getting teary at the end of the movie. And showing (spoiler alert) Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione dropping their children off at platform 9 3/4, ready to be first year's at Hogwarts, tugs at the heart-strings. 

Obviously, we won't have a Harry Potter movie to help us celebrate our ten years of marriage in November. What is the ten year anniversary type of metal? Silver? Bronze?
FYI -- Wikipedia says tin or aluminum because it is pliable and symbolizes the flexibility a marriage requires. But diamond jewlery is a suitable tenth wedding anniversary gift.
 Tin -- pliable. A diamond -- can cut glass.
Totally makes sense. Totally... 

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Nan said...

Who'd a thought? The first movie came out on your wedding day. That is something to be celebrated or at least remembered. I loved your post. Post as much about Harry Potter as you want. I'll devour it all.