Thursday, April 8, 2010

deliciousness, thy name is orange rolls

Yes, it is sinful and this may sound funny, but learning to make cinnamon rolls has been on my bucket list. I have always wanted to master this craft. So when a friend passed along this recipe, I committed to give it a go. Also, I ended up converting them from cinnamon rolls to orange. My stomach tells me I succeeded. The husband's stomach agrees which is the most important judge, right? ;) It is fast becoming a favorite in our house and something I am hoping will become a tradition around Conference time.


Rebekah said...

my mom always made cinnamon rolls from an overnight yeast dough...they were divine!! now i make them and the kids go bonkers over them! these are one of my favorite indulgences!!! Glad you found one that you love!

wendyberd said...

share the recipe!!!!!

and p.s. - i LOVE your entries from your trip to England. it was like i was there.
and - recently i read about jane austen's house and how it felt to be there and stuff. i LOVED hearing your version of it. :)

Annie said...

Yum! But I think pictures as mouth watering as these need to include a recipe, my friend. Or at least scratch-and-sniff technology!

Catherine Cazier said...

Wow, they are absolutely beautiful!! I want the recipe. I love to make cinnimon rolls but I would love even more to make orange ones!!