Thursday, January 14, 2010

new releases

I am just seeing this trailer and I am very excited about its release. Paul Bettany is awesome and this whole film just looks fascinating.

Also, have you seen the new Clash of the Titans trailer?? Holy excitement, Batman. I previously had posted about my love for the old version. I had no idea they already had made a new one. And so many great actors involved! Much squealing ensued.

Another new release I am so looking forward to is the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. Lets face it: Russell Crowe and a caesar haircut go hand-in-hand. He is just so good in these types of roles. Plus we all know Crowe is Ridley Scott's muse.


Rebekah said...

2 words about Clash of the Titans: Liam Neeson.......seriously!!

I am sssssoooooo excited about it! I absolutely loved the first one and this remake just looks wicked!! Hooray!

the others look good too, but I must say I'm really excited for Clash!

amelia and crew said...

I LOVE "Gladiator" and Ridley Scott, so I'm pumped about this version of Robin Hood. But does it really get better than Kevin Costner?

sarah said...

I'm still "Team Harry Hamlin".