Sunday, March 1, 2009

18 months

Dear baby,

Today you have reached another milestone in your life. You are now the big 18 (in months, of course). You have a personality all your own. You are very, very sweet and can also be a little dramatic. But we love it. We love everything about you and would not change a thing.

Your little voice brightens our day.

Your sweet cheeks are so fun to kiss.

You love playing with your big brother and have lots of fun laughing together. Your favorite words are see, book, Elmo, show, shoes, cookie, cereal, drink, juice, milk, light, stairs, toes, eyes, nose, ear, hair, teeth, hand, fingers, poop, no, da-da, mommy, ba-ba, dance and elephant. You LOVE to read. You are always bringing me lots of books to read to you. You plop right down in my lap and get comfortable. It is such a cute little thing that you do. You usually want me to read you the same book over and over and protest when I try to switch.

We love being your parents. We love watching you grow and become this perfect little person. We love you and pray the transition to nursery will be smooth. :)


Rebekah said...

Good luck with nursery!!! I remember it so well with Paige. She just waltzed in and forgot we were there. I hope baby does the same thing!!!

Anonymous said...

She's so cute Janelle! Can you believe she's 18 months already?

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