Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are going to FLORIDA!!! Yuppers. My maple leaf hubby worked his butt off last year (we are in the market for a new one) and his work sends the top consultants every year to a different location and treats them like royalty. Since my MLH is so stinkin' awesome, he was invited. As a legal and eternal obligation to me, I get to come too. :) Our good friends also won so pretty much it will be four days of blissful partying.

Oh...and this is where we are staying:

I guess you could say we are excited. I mean...who wants to stay in a five-star hotel, have airfare and accomodations paid for, a tour of the everglades on an airboat paid for, and expect sunsets like this on occasion:
Not sure we will want to come home!
At least we have Hawaii in May to look forward to!!!!!!!! ;)


Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

Hey Janelle!! It has been so long! How are you? I had no idea you had a blog! Wes and I are also so excited for this getaway!! We will see you there!! PS. We have a blog as well. It is private so send me an email at and I will send you an invite. Take care!

Chris & Chrystal said...

OH YEAH!!! I'm so excited to go to Florida... and SOOOO glad you're going too!

dayna said...

i wouldn't be a true friend unless i whined with envy that you get to go on such an awesome trip! yay for Dan! nate and tonia always get to take glorious work trips...i can't understand why the military doesn't offer such perks:) what's this about a hawaii trip too? love you and MISS YOU!