Monday, March 16, 2009

so many books, so little time!

Lately, I have been daydreaming about all the wonderful things I would do if I didn't have any responsibilities. I think I have officially caught spring fever or some kind of mental fever. One of the things I would do is stay in bed, all day and READ! Can a person do that and survive? I mean, of course the bodily functions cannot be ignored. A walk or two up and down the stairs would keep the blood flowing properly. But how cool would it be to just read and read and read. There are a lot of books on my reading wish list. Here are a few:
The Pigpen by Kevin Krogh. Kevin is a local author and do you know what is funny? I had no idea he is a published author. He was my soccer coach! This was actually recommended to me by an old Stake President. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
So not sure what to think about this book but I love John Bytheway and am interested to see how he tackles this type of topic. I am drawn to it and very curious.
Can you tell where my mind has been lately? Somedays it is hard to truly feel good about the job I'm doing. Each day brings a new challenge and sometimes I feel it is hard to be truly content. I feel like I'm required to be a rock of support for my MLH, to be the shining example for my kids and somehow be unselfish through it all. Unrealistic?? I'm learning and trying more and when I saw this, I also felt drawn to it.
I am willing to admit that I have seen this movie more times than I have read the book. If I'm truly being honest, I will also have to tell you that I have never read the book. Isn't that awful? Reminds me of being in the fourth grade, my assignment was to read Charlotte's Web and I never read it...but instead, watched the movie. Argh! Pitiful.
One more! I would love to read this. After seeing the amazing John Adams series on HBO, I became even more curious about the life of Ben Franklin. Now how am I going to get my wish and have a reading day? Asking for zero interruptions on top of that might be going overboard a bit.


dayna said...

ahh..for real. i would do the same thing. this post just makes me irked that i can't just devote whole afternoons on my covered porch to lovely books. someday when the kids are grown and gone we'll just have to get together to do it...someday... by the way, add john adams by david mccullough to your list...the HBO series was awesome but the book is even better.

Nells-Bells said...

that is a deal! spending my afternoons just reading and reading sounds ideal. plus to share it with an amazing friend...priceless!
yes, david mccullough! i truly have all of his books on my list of must-reads. too many books and so very little time! i'm irked too.