Friday, October 17, 2008


In the midst of the craziness we like to refer to as "buying a house", I am realizing more and more of what a prioritizer I am not. In handling my day-to-day activities, I usually just make a mental list in my head of what I am needing to accomplish. Then I go about my day, tra-la-la, and accomplish as needed. BUT with life getting hairier and hairier by the minute (and I'm not referring to my upper lip...though I am trying to scientifically prove the connection between dense/dark facial hair and age), I am finding that actually writing down a set plan would be very, very helpful.

My sweet Canadian hubby (whom I will refer to as the Maple Leaf...oh yeah, we are now talking in code) is so good at thinking through everything. Sometimes...actually, most of the time, it drives me nuts because I want to be the one in control (did I mention I'm a control freak?). Plus it is so hard for me to admit that his way is better.

So now...I need to be making a master plan for each day/overall weekly. Let's take the laundry, for example. If I decide that Monday is the day to wash all the whites. Then I can plan to throw the laundry in at 9:30. Then pull above-mentioned laundry out of the washer and into the dryer at 10. Then plan to fold the laundry with ML later that night and use such time to also talk about our day, what is happening the next, etc. I really think this helps me focus on a specific task instead of just saying, "Today is laundry day and there is so much laundry to be done, it is overwhelming. So I will just sit and watch laundry pile up because I'm too lazy to do it OR if I do it all, then I will be too exhausted to tackle anything else today."

Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking about such things.


Brian and Courtni said...

I have tried to comment the last few days and for some reason got a "blogger down" error.

Cool about they house...I looked at it and thought 'that looks really familiar!' and it did :-) I love that you get to re-decorating...and glad you have creative friends to help you out, because my brain does not think that way! I will be excited to see pictures of what you end up doing.

dayna said...

no you're not crazy...i think the whole chemical/hormones thing changes when you become a mommy...i feel like i'm running around with my head chopped off half the time. i've realized that i really need 'down' time and hobby time, otherwise i go into hyperdrive and bulldoze over everyone and everything to get my list done. matt aka space man, want me to just sit next to him when he walks in the door...i figure i still have a good 3 hours of work to put in at that point, but he usually wins. i ramble!!! sheesh i miss ya and love ya lots. your house will be so amazing by the time i get to see it:)