Sunday, October 5, 2008

house hunt

Now that our house hunting days are over (YEAH! we will soon be homeowners!!!!), the flipside is now starting the renovation process. Updates will need to be done to our home because it is an older home (built in 1965). Luckily, the home is in great shape and doesn't need a lot to be done right off the bat (translation: we wish we had more money). But trying to pick out colors of paint, carpet and furniture is a task. Once we have the keys in hand, we will be able to look at each room more carefully and decide what to do. Until then, I have been having fun looking at furniture on the internet. I love this:

I love the idea of a round/oval table. Plus I love the colored chairs.

Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware are definitely favorites. I am sure there are so many other awesome furniture companies out there that I have no clue about. Any suggestions?

Also, stay tuned because I will be taking pictures of different rooms in the house and asking for your help on how to decorate, paint, etc. It will be fun to do before and after pictures. We will just have to see how far our money can stretch. :)


Rebekah said...

Congrats on the new house!!! Is it in Logan? Can't wait to see it!

dayna said...

yay!!! i LOVE pedestal tables. Love them, have them, love them. we must have the same taste according to your favorites you listed. just about all i can say. it all adds up so fast when you move into a new home. SO EXCITED for you.

Brian and Courtni said...

I a so excited for you guys that you are buying a house! (and a little jealous, i must confess.) Congrats. Can't wait to see pictures!

marni said...

ikea is great. they have lots of fun furniture and it's very cheap. i'm jealous that you guess got a house. does dan still work at qwest? where's your house at?