Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We love crossing the border and taking in all the beautiful sites and all the awesome goodies that we don't get down here in the states! Cadbury chocolate, Oh! Henry bars (they taste better up there), dill pickle, ketchup and all-dressed chips, red tangerine Fanta soda, and much, much more. Here is what it looks like driving into Waterton. That is the Prince of Wales hotel on top of that hill. My first order of business, once reaching the park, was to walk to Pat's (a local groce) and buy lime Crush. It is delicious and very addicting. Walking around the town is fun and checking out all the beautiful lakes. Here is Mason and his cousins at Waterton lake throwing rocks. It was really hot and therefore, the reason why he is down to his diaper.

Here is Mason and Dan walking down the path to Waterton Lake. It is just so beautiful!

Tiger ice cream at the Big Scoop is always a must. If you are a fan of black licorice, your mouth will water at just the thought of tiger ice cream. It is a creamy orange ice cream with black licorice stripes. *mmmmmmm* So, so good. Why are Canadians so much cooler than we are? Here is Dan at Cameron Falls. We always visit this when we come as well. We had such a fun trip and were so glad to end our 4-year hiatus. Hopefully we can return next year.

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