Monday, August 11, 2008

potty training: day one

Who knew that words like "potty", "pee", "poop", and "big-boy pants" would become so common in my vocabulary?!

We had made a decision back in the spring that Mason would be potty-trained by the end of the summer. We bought a few potty books to read with Mason at night. We even took him to buy some cool underwear to get him excited. And by cool I mean pictures of Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse plastered across his little cheeks.

I admit to being laxidasical when it actually came down to consistently getting Mason on the potty. But we got a phone call last week from the only accredited preschool in town (with a year waiting list) , that Mason was put on the enrollment list and will start at the end of this month. Using the preschool as motivation, potty training is now numero uno.

Today has gone well. I was surprised that by this afternoon, Mason was running to use the potty and not telling me. I would hear him flush and arrive at the bathroom door in time to see him washing his hands. "Good job, Mase! High-five! Here's a quarter" (i.e. it bad that he is motivated by money??) .

Here is a little snapshot of what happened at the dinner table tonight:

"Mason, do you want to say the blessing or mommy say it?"

Mason thinking. "Baby say it."


"Baby can't say that many words yet. How about I help baby say it."


"Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful for this day..."

Mason softly echoes, "We are grateful for this day..."

"We are grateful for this food..."

"We are grateful for the potty...", says Mason.

"Yes, we are grateful for the potty..."

Mason takes over. "We are grateful for pee in the potty..."

Yes, we are very grateful the pee went in the potty and not on the carpet or the wood floor. One more thing for me to clean up.

Will keep you posted.


Valeri said...

Ah, the joys of potty training! I love toddlers' prayers. It's good you documented that - you'll have to be sure and put it in his scrapbook. I've been meaning to post about Chloe's latest prayer, in which she's thanked Heavenly Father for our spider! I sure hope it's in her head because I HATE spiders!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny

Rebekah said...

Toddler prayers are awesome. Paige is starting to pray and I love it!!

Good luck with the potty training. I hope it goes better than my boys. 6 months each to get the idea!!