Wednesday, August 13, 2008

potty training day 3

Accident report for day 3: zero.

We are so pleased Mason has transitioned so well. I have noticed he likes being "free-er" and not stuck in bulky diapers. We took him to the dollar store tonight to spend his "potty" coins on whatever he wanted. He ended up buying a ball. Not like he has 100's of balls already. He has all sorts of balls; bouncy balls, basketballs, baseballs, footballs, an extra large ball (he saw it at Target and would not let me leave the store without it) and balls that make noise. He has all sorts. But tonight he bought one with little grippers on the outside. We didn't have one of those yet and therefore, the need to buy one more ball. Believe me, he touched just about everything in that dollar store. I thought he would want one of the dinosaurs that made noise.

"How about this one Mase? Listen...(dinosaur roars). Isn't that cool?"

"No, mom. I want this."

"You already have lots of balls at home."

"I want this one. Look!"

Mason proceeded to bounce the ball off the walls, the shelves, the toys, sell racks...everything. Will update the accident report in a couple of days.


Therese said...

well done, nells! i've had to postpone sofia's training til next week b/c our visitors are here thru friday. i hope we have similar success.

Erik A. said...

What is the latest on the potty training?