Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kiss! kiss! kiss!

I had the privilege of attending my cousin's wedding over the weekend. The fun festivities all started Friday night with an outdoor BBQ at a park nearby. We had fun visiting with family, friends and, of course, the happy couple. Then Saturday was the main event.

It may be funny to some that I find myself looking forward to how the kissing will turn out. I always wonder if the newly dubbed 'husband and wife' will lean in and merely peck on the lips. Will they seal their eternities together with a long, meaningful but still pleasant church kiss? Or will they absolutely take it to the next level and gross everyone out with a passionate I-want-you-right-now (i.e. Edward and Bella) kind of a kiss? Not sure why I try to speculate but it is very entertaining.

After the vows were said, there was an anxious hush that spread through the room. Everyone knew what was to happen next, "Now you may kiss your bride."

And just like that, my cousin was already diving in. I had not noticed but my cousin already planned what he was going to do. So obviously he had been thinking about it too! He had planted himself so he would be steady enough to quickly grab his new wife without her having much say. Sneaky, sneaky.

His arm shot out and he palmed the back of his bride's head like it was a basketball. He reeled her in without giving her much time to blink let alone breathe. He kissed her like no one else was in the room; like he had been waiting his whole life of 28 years for this very moment; like tomorrow was doomsday and he wanted to burn this kiss forever in her memory. Of course, it was apparent she was embarrassed and had not wanted a burn-this-kiss-into-everyone's-memory type of kiss. First, she politely touched his shoulder as to say, "Funny, honey, but you can stop now." Then, when she knew he wasn't going to budge, she began to shove him, as if to say, "You had better stop now or else..."

You know what? It was very entertaining and I was pleasanty surprised. In hindsight, I should have known my cousin would try something like this. He is always out for embarrassing his cute wife and loves to be funny. And, believe me, everyone thought it was funny.


Valeri said...

You described that so well. What a cute story. :)

The Homely Animal said...

So funny. How did feeding eachother the cake go?