Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Watch a Show

Recently, we've been working a lot with Mason in terms of time-outs and tantrums. He LOVES to watch Little Einsteins. When he is good, he gets to watch one show in the morning and then one in the afternoon (they are about 20 minutes each). He has learned that if he throws a tantrum and has to have a lot of time-outs, then he doesn't get to watch his show. He is starting to incorporate that into other things. For example, when we are reading books and the character in the book looks upset he will say, "He didn't get to watch a show and have a sandwich". It makes me crack up every time.

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Dayna said...

This cracks me up too. I have been wanting to call you for days...no, weeks! I miss chatting and hope you are well. I will be in touch, SOON!