Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Treats, treats and more treats

With Christmas season in full swing, I'm reminded of how it is truly the season of giving. Several giving trees have been up in supermarket entry ways and church foyers, asking everyone to give to those less fortunate than us. There are the advertisements asking for donations to the Utah Food Bank so everyone can have a delicious holiday meal. There have been stories featured on the news about people helping one another out in an extraordinary way. And, more close to home, our neighbors are dropping off gifts and goodies, wishing us also a very, merry Christmas. I'm wondering, since there are so many others in need, why do I have so much? And why, when people are hungry, am I having a hard time resisting another piece of homemade chocolate fudge or hand-dipped pretzels and find myself considering to join Weight-Watchers?! Do others not live in a neighborhood where treats and gifts are planned six months prior to December 1?! How is it that some people can give so freely and others simply cannot?? Charity and kindness are addicting when others around you are exuding it from every pore. I hope I can be better this year and the next and the next...and not have to join a weight-loss program January 1.

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