Monday, December 24, 2007

'tis the season to have the flu

With Christmas almost here families gather together to share a Christmas feast, sing Christmas songs and enjoy one-another's company. Unfortunately, my mom, brothers and myself all have the stomach flu. We were up last night making good use of the toilet. It has been awful and I pray that no one else comes down with it. Being sick on Christmas eve is bad enough...can you imagine puking on Christmas?? Let's hope not. Poor Dan spent his day off taking care of the kids and I. His Christmas eve feast consisted of a burger and fries from Burger of the only places open tonight. I know things could be worse. I definitely am grateful for my health and all that I have available to me. We did sit down and read the nativity story out of the scriptures and watch Christmas movies. I'm watching Elf right now (gynormous is my favorite word) and then will hit the hay. God bless us, every one. :)

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