Saturday, February 4, 2012


Um...yeah. So. Where were we?

As you can you tell there are a few pictures missing from this blog. I am not sure why Photobucket decided to cancel my account or take away my pictures. There is definitely something fishy about it. But here we are. Again.
What have we been up to you ask?


I am completely intrigued. Anyone else? With all the garbage on TV these days (do I sound like I'm 70?) it is nice to have a show with actual depth. With all its deserved accolades and awards, it should be on everybody's must list.



We sold our car. Why is this worth mentioning? This car has been with us for so long that we honestly felt like a piece of us was being taken from us. Feeling this way was all very new to us and weird. We brought Omi home with us from the hospital in that car. We took the kids to Canada for the first time in that car. We were a one car family for so long and this was a third child. But after actually having a third child we knew it had to go.



Yes, I despise the techno savvy of the world we live in. How accessible it is and how it has found a way into our little world. This was my Christmas present from the hubs. I realize it was for him too. I'm just grateful he didn't take a cue from Homer Simpson and give me a bowling ball with his name inscribed on it. Though it did, at first, feel a bit like that. But since I am in a three step program and step number 1 is admitting you have a problem then I feel I must tell you that I have a problem. iPad is thy name.



Do you know how many muscles are in your arm? Would you care to know? Yeah. Me either. But in order for me to truly understand medical transcription, I'm required to know. Not fun. I am waist deep in this and am completely oblivious to the basic every day. Laundry? What is that exactly?


I really don't care who plays in the Super Bowl. What I like best are the commercials. If millions of dollars are spent to entertain me for a mere 30 seconds, then yes major corporations, I will partake. And how cool is it to preview them weeks before they air? This is one of our favorites:


Last, but most certainly not least, I am completely obsessed with my favorite people on the planet:




meagan said...

Very cute pics and I love Downton Abby only because you mentioned it on Facebook. So if you watch any other great shows, please talk about them because you obviously have good taste

dayna said...

yay! so glad for the update! I think about you all the time. Your family is just beautiful. I am coming in April and must must see you:)