Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I want to buy this house:
I'm positive I could survive in Chawton. It isn't too far from London and I have always wanted to live out in the country. Plus, I doubt I could ever get sick of looking at stuff like this:
The End. :p


Rebekah said...

i couldn't agree more!!

dayna said...

ok, when we are old widows, let's move there...better yet, let's just drag our husbands along after the kids move out. i would love to live there.

Nells-Bells said...

yes, once we are empty-nesters we will move there. you guys can have the west wing and we will have the east. what fun we will have! cannot wait. :)

Valeri said...

I kept waiting to catch Mr. Darcy in one of those photos.

Absolutely. Positively. Beautiful. The bokeh on that third one is amazing! Nice work, Nells! So jealous.. SO JEALOUS...

p.s. Can I come live with you and Dayna too???