Thursday, November 26, 2009

favorite children's books

I remember being so fascinated by snow. Do you remember how fun it was to throw on your snowsuit and giant moon boots to spend hours playing in the first snowfall? And the many afterwards? We could literally spend hours outside playing in the snow, never tiring of the many things one can do in the snow: snow angels, sledding, and building snowmen, to name a couple. So it is no wonder that my kids now share the same enthusiasm about snow and snowmen. They love being out in the snow and also reading stories about snowmen, especially the most famous one of all. Snowmen At Night and Snowmen At Christmas have become instant hits at our house. The rhyming story about all the fun that goes on after dark is delightfully cute and the wonderful illustrations capture the essence of joy snowmen must feel when they sneak off in the night to meet up with their friends. Christmas is such a magical time of year and to incorporate that with the snowmen deserves two thumbs-up: gathering for snowy ice treats, singing around the city's Christmas tree and then welcoming the snowman Kris Kringle opens a whole new world to the imagination of a child. Who knows...maybe it is snowmen who have the most fun, not blondes. :)

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Erik A. said...

we love this book too. do you have any books by jan brett? the kids love reading her books and looking at the illustratios.