Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A sick child and a sick husband has to be the worst combination ever. I'm still recovering from such a long week/weekend of coughing, whining, fevers, sore throats, aches, pains and bears...oh my. Now I'm coming down with the sickness and hoping I can fend it off with a few gallons of water and 3o minutes more of rest or laying down, rather. Well, more like dropping on the couch and ignoring everything and everyone for 30 minutes. How does this happen? Aren't moms built to be immune to the sicknesses that are brought home on a daily basis? I thought the killer anti-bodies kick in and fight off the bad blood. Speaking of blood, wouldn't it be horrible to be bled when you are sick? Kind of weird but I was thinking of how awful it would have been to be sick back in the day. Sssshhhhiiivvveeeeerrr. Where is my echinacea?


Dayna said...

get better soon nells! we just went through 2 weeks of hellish sickness too. can't wait for it to really be over.

Jen and Eric Petty said...

I hear you! Sorry about the sickness! But, you're right. Be glad you don't have to be bled!