Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy hair day

Actually today was anything but a happy hair day. Mason's hair is truly a major factor in his cuteness but I was itching to cut it. Actually, trim the sides and top so he doesn't look like a vagabond. It has been a bit of a nuisance. We could squeeze out bottles of gel on his hair and by the end of the day, his hair would be crowned the winner.
So I set out for a couple of before shots of his cute little self.

Then I got to work. I found out Mason loves his hair too. He went bizerk watching his beautiful locks fall to the floor. After a few thousand tears and the most gynormous sucker he has seen, his hair looks like this:

Yes, it is MUCH shorter than I would have liked. A plan B should have been in place because obviously, plan A didn't work. Good thing hair grows back.


Dayna said...

oh to have gone to beauty school just to learn how to cut boys hair. i do it for both of them in my family and it isn't pretty.

Erik A. said...

Just take the clippers to it and use a #2 guard. That will do the trick.