Monday, January 28, 2008

Heart Healthy

Wouldn't it be great if our hearts were this simple and easily fixed? During my last pregnancy, I found out that my heart has a minor defect. Minor, yes, but still a problem. With this new year and new resolutions on my mind, I have decided to get heart healthy. I am determined to lose my excess weight and make better food choices. I have already been working on my new goal for three weeks and have lost 6lbs. I have to admit it has been quite a challenge to not just grab whatever is readily available without thinking. Since I am nursing I get quite hungry. Actually, not just hungry, ravenous! My heart has been a huge motivation though in pulling me through. It gives me added strength to resist temptation. AND not buying extra junk at the grocery store has helped our budget so it is a bonus all-around. Stay tuned for the next heart healthy installment. As my husband puts it (while snackin on chips), "The world is waiting on their toes".

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pulhamjk said...

This is a very good goal. I used to have a friend who would always call me New Years man...if I didn't stick to the goal. So rock on.