Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am totally engrossed with the Twilight series right now. Originally I had started the first book, Twilight, right before Naomi was born and then struggled to find the time to read, let alone brush my teeth! I FINALLY got back to it and am so glad I did. I have been lured in...hook, line and sinker. Has anyone else read these? I am currently on the third book and am thinking I should slow my reading since the fourth book has not been released yet. I hate to think of how not fun my nights will be when I finish Eclipse. Watch political debates with Dan? Urgh! Being with Dan? Priceless. :)


Jody said...

Ok, so I'm laughing...Let me tell you why...:1)I finished the Twilight series last month and painfully miss it. I read them all in five days 2) I love the movie The Holiday and asked myself the same question, "Who would be my narrator?" Unlike you...I am undecided, though Robert Redford is a great choice 3)Christian Bale is the only male actor I really think is hot and he is smoken.4)I've noticed that some of your posts are posted at the wee mornen hours and I never go to bed before 1 am. Anyway, your mother may have had triplets and I was separated from you at birth...just so you know:) Jody

Erik A. said...

As you already know I've read the first two books. The third is on my nightstand but I can't find the time to read it. Debbi finished all of them some time ago and really enjoyed them.

Jody... it is good to know that Janelle and I have another sister!

Anonymous said...

hey janelle. i read your blog all time, but never comment. i'm sorry. i'm really bad at doing that. i love the twilight books and read them in record time. i've missed them so much i'm reading them again and am almost done with the second one. i feel like such a teenage girl. it's embarassing to even admit that i like them to other people that like them. anyway. keep up the good blogging. :)