Monday, May 3, 2010

not a mundane monday

Even though the weather outside is less than agreeable, inside we are keeping warm and having fun:


For Christmas I got a KitchenAid mixer. January 1 I took it over to my mother-in-laws house and had her teach me how to make bread. I have not been successful in my previous attempts and was an anxious learner. I am proud to announce that I have been baking bread ever since and I find myself still surprised when it turns out. I had a couple of very scarring experiences before. Plus, they grind the wheat for me and happily share it. I couldn't ask for a better set-up.

I love being able to bake bread and have the kids in the other room coloring and entertaining themselves. And staying in our jammy's well into the late morning.

Not a mundane Monday at our house.  :p


Rebekah said...

don't you just love your mixer? I can't live without mine! love it, love it, love it!! did you make whole wheat? i have a fab and super easy white bread recipe that I make all the time. So glad you guys had a fun monday!! i love days that you can stay in jammies for long periods of time!! (the longer the better!)

Mortons Love said...

Yummy... I need someone to grind wheat for me...

Nan said...

You are one very good momma.