Wednesday, May 12, 2010

favorite children's books

I have shared that The Wizard of Oz is Mi-mi's favorite movie. So I decided to take it one step further and start reading the book to them every night.
A friend shared an article about a father who started to read chapter books together when she was young and what an impression that made on her. Though the kids are still really young, I thought we could start with a story both already know. Well, at least I thought they knew. The movie and the book are two totally different stories. Yes, the main characters are still the same but there is so much more to the story than the movie portrays. It has been fun to read and compare. But the most important is how much the kids look forward to reading it. They never forget where we left off and are always anxious for the next installment. I am sure this is something we will continue and soon they will be able to help choose the books we will read. Any suggestions on what we should read next??


Rebekah said...

The Chronicles of Narnia...

When I was little my dad read from the Sherlock Holmes series to me, but that's not for everyone. :)

Nemesis said...

Charlotte's Web
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or another Roald Dahl)
Little House in the Big Woods

I'll have to think of some more! My dad read The Hobbit and A Wrinkle in Time to us but I think we were a little bit older then.

Nells-Bells said...

such great suggestions!! keep them coming. :)

Debbi said...

Matilda (Raold Dahl) there is a movie that is similar to the book

Magic Tree House books

Amelia Bedilia