Tuesday, July 7, 2009

happy fourth

Like any overwhelmed and overloaded parent, we forgot to take our camera to our fourth of July celebrations. I know others had cameras and so hopefully I can steal their pictures. But until then, you will have to live with my attempt at describing what an awesome day we had.

Every year we love to drive to Lewiston for the early morning pancake breakfast and parade. The sun was shining bright when we got out there but then the clouds moved in and kept us cool for the parade. It was perfect! Usually, by the time the parade starts, we are sweating bullets and wishing for rain. The parade is always jam-pack with tractors, cheerleaders, dairy princesses, fire trucks, old cars and candy. This year, a new addition was added to the parade: a compost truck. Seriously, folks. Thank heavens they weren't throwing "candy".

A fair, craft booths, food booths and entertainment in the form of Rob Bishop followed the parade. It is great to check out the latest in homey crafts available for purchase. The best part is congregating under a large oak tree with family to visit and relax. Big J's is our next stop for lunch. Greasy food and great kids meals. Then a mandatory nap time/rest period takes place in the afternoon. BBQ and more family fun in the evening.

We love celebrating holidays especially with family. Such a fun tradition that I'm excited we can now share with our kids. What did you do to celebrate??


Wes, Nicki, and Boys said...

Ah the Lewiston Parade! I remember it well! Back in my old cheerleading days at West Side I had to be in that parade every year! Good times!

Alder Family said...

Sounds like fun! Don't worry about forgetting the camera-I did too-all weekend. Oh well!