Monday, July 27, 2009

dear frankie

Gerard Butler's career has really taken flight in the last couple of years. With his new movie, The Ugly Truth, having opened this last weekend, I can't help but think of Dear Frankie.

This was the first movie I saw starring Gerard. It is about a boy, who is deaf, and who has been told, by his mother, that his dad is off sailing the seas on a large ship. Soon Frankie wants to see his dad and Gerard's character is hired to pretend to be his dad. Such a great movie, also starring Emily Mortimer, who does a great job as Frankie's mum. PLEASE rent it if you have not yet seen it. Definitely worth watching. Here is a clip:

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wendyberd said...

nells - i saw this movie awhile ago. LOVED it!!! such a good show and such a good ending!! the mom does a great job of raising this little boy.