Wednesday, June 27, 2012

born a canuck, always a canuck

The Hubs recently took the plunge and became an American citizen. He figured it is about time he votes and has the eligibility to run for public office (the only two things he wasn't able to do as a Canadian).

He was naturalized on June 13. It was quite the event. It was held in a large theater in downtown capital city. Big time stuff. He was ushered in one way and we were ushered into the basement. Yes. A total party for the kids and I. I'm very very happy I actually packed snacks and a diaper bag full of distractions. This is the room we were in:
Super fun. The Hubs is somewhere in the room we are watching on the screen.

I must say how surprised I was at how emotional I got during the swearing in. It was truly such a neat experience and I'm glad we were able to be there all together. I know I take my American status for granted. Being there, I was reminded of what a sacred thing it is. My citizenship is definitely not on my mind all day, everyday. But I know for many of the people there it has been and to be able to achieve the seemingly impossible, for them, is life changing.

I always knew I would marry a foreigner but I'm glad he can now join the ranks of the stars and stripes. Besides, he will always be a Canadian at heart. He still loves his Big Turk's and Ketchup chips.

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