Monday, May 4, 2009

when i was a young warthog

Here is a picture I affectionately refer to as "tough Nell-O".
In my growing up years, I had more black eyes than broken bones, pairs of glasses and cars. This pic happens to be my favorite because...well, can you guess? The look of pure annoyance and childhood angst is not hard to read. I also love this picture because of the beautiful navy Ram van I am sitting in. This was our family van for many years. So many memories in this van. We felt like the A-Team in this ride. We happened to be on a trip to southern Utah when this picture was taken. Just before leaving, I was riding my bike up the street to my BFF's house. I was returning a computer game I had borrowed. Something to the side caught my attention and WHAM! I hit a parked car. It was pretty traumatic. I mean, how in the world is it possible to hit something that is not even a moving target? It was sitting right there! Pretty hard to miss a CAR!
In honor of my black eye and this wonderful Ram van whom I will call Herbert, here is a video that has to be seen. I am dedicating it to all you Ram van kids out there!

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