Saturday, July 12, 2008


Every 4th of July we spend in a small town just north of here, doing the good old small town celebration events. It all starts out with a pancake breakfast, followed by a parade (candy included) and then the different vendor booths, that are set up all around the park, open for business. There are all different types of food for sale, a bake sale, crafts, purses, clothes, jewlery, etc. There are also different activities for the kids: face painting, train rides, fish pond, jumperoo's and the fire hose. I think this is the best part of the whole day and am glad they have kept it going. The local firefighters hook up one of the large hoses and spray all the kids. Actually, they point it up so all the water comes showering down on the kids. They would all blow away if they actually sprayed the kids. ;) Here are some pictures from that day.

Here is baby no. 1 with his cousins waiting for the parade to start, candy bags in hand.

Distracted by an airplane flying overhead.

Catching some sweets.
Hubby with baby no. 2. She's got the Elvis lip going there.

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