Monday, April 28, 2008

pinching your pennies

I hate to admit this but I'm really horrible when it comes to grocery shopping. I do look for sales but I have never been one to clip coupons and try to get the most out of my money. I usually make a list, get what I need and hope some of it is for a good price. Well, my cousin has introduced me to this website and clued me in on how to truly save money when shopping. I'm hooked! It's awesome. It feels almost like a game to see how cheap I can get something OR if I can even get it for free. So I keep the coupon ads that come with the Sunday paper and even collect the ones from neighbors and friends who don't use theirs (because multiples are always the best) and I try to get the best deals. Yes, it is a lot of work and I sometimes have to hit multiple stores. But I'm building my food storage and also contributing to the household income by saving money. Who else is with me?


Maggie said...

Good luck! Like you, I haven't had much motivation to do much coupon clipping. Too much work. I'll have to check out that site.

A & M Ras said...

I do not know if you remember me but we use to be in the ward with you in Logan. I think it was the 57th. I found your blog by stalking, is that bad? I am a HUGE PYP fan and if you visit my blog you can see what I have done in a year with this program. Our blog:
Marissa Ras

Valeri said...

I'm so with you! A good bargain makes me almost as excited as a date night with my husband. Actually, that's very sad, I think. No but really. When things go on sale and I have coupons, I STOCK UP big time. Not only does it help build my food storage, but it's stuff we'll eat so why not buy it for CHEAP NOW rather than having to continue to buy it over the next 6 months at a much higher price? I am excited to check out that website.

I have a couponizer, which is basically a booklet that holds and categorizes your coupons. I think I paid $20 for it, but it's totally paid for himself with how much easier using coupons has become. Wow, this is a lengthy comment. :)