Thursday, October 25, 2007


Mason had his first dentist appointment today. Of course we were a little anxious at how he would react. All week we have been talking about how cool the dentist is. We told him it is so much fun to have your teeth cleaned. We even had him practice opening his mouth and show us his teeth. The pediatric dentist was awesome and made Mason feel so comfortable. Would you believe there were TV's in the ceiling so kids can watch movies while they get their teeth cleaned?!?! I'm thinking Dr. Blanch should have added TV's to his office a long time ago! Afterwards, he gave the dentist two high fives and the dentist gave him a new toothbrush. He carried it around for the rest of the day.


Therese said...

i'm glad it went so well. TV can work wonders. sofia has the very same toothbrush.

Erik A. said...

I bet you are grateful that Mason did so well for the dentist. TVs in the ceiling is a great idea.