Tuesday, July 27, 2010

weekend in vegas

The hubby and I went to Vegas this last weekend. Just us. Sans kids. It was awesome. The drive alone was so great. Just the sheer fact of not having to stop for potty breaks or listen to whiney kids. It was wonderful. We could even talk and not be interrupted. Wow. We were definitely spoiled. I wish I had loads of pictures to show you but we truly enjoyed a lazy, fun-filled weekend. And by fun-filled I mean chilling with friends and eating out and watching movies and being lazy. We seriously didn't do anything super crazy. Just laid low and enjoyed every minute. Well, we did go to a concert our first night at the House of Blues. That was actually our main reason for going but having friends who live there is a double bonus. As you well know, Keane is one of my faveity-faves. I think I have mentioned them here once or twice, maybe... ;) For some crazy reason they chose to not return to Utah on their tour this year. So we had to resort to going to Vegas and seeing them there. Good excuse for a weekend getaway, right? It was such an awesome concert and we were four feet away from Tom the whole time. Here they are singing their most popular song. Enjoy.

Keane: Somewhere Only We Know from Nells Bells on Vimeo.

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Eric and Brynn said...

How fun! A weekend alone is surely the best treat! Eric and I get to head to Vegas in September to see Toad. They too are not coming to Utah on their Western tour. Why do bands do that? Glad you guys had a great time!