Thursday, March 6, 2008

happy birthday jacks

Happy birthday to my friend Jackie! She is such a fun, outgoing and witty person. She was always on-call for any type of fun and would create fun when there was none to be found. She will always be the best baby spice ever. Thanks, Jacks, for being such a killer friend! I hope you have a great birthday.


Erin said...

It was so good running into you yesterday. You're just as cheerful and bubbly as I remember, and your kids are adorable! My blog is

Bob & Britt said...

Can I just say I am the crappiest friend ever? I totally spaced it! Well, I just wanted to stop and say hi, we're new to the world of blogging! And now I'm glad I did! I have some happy birthday wishes (and some on my knees apologizing) to give!