Monday, November 8, 2010

amazing race

The Amazing Race is one of our favorite shows. Not sure what it is about this show but it is so much fun to see these different teams race around the world, complete tasks and try to check in to the pit stops before everybody else...or risk being eliminated. Each season has been so much fun to watch and this season has been no exception. This episode where Claire took a watermelon to the face is absolutely classic:

But the last two episodes have been my favorite. They flew to St. Petersburg and had to run all over the city to complete different tasks. I'm sure the hubby got sick of me pointing out all the places and enthusiastically saying, "I've been there!" or "I would walk past that on my way to school everyday." I'm sure so much has changed in the 13 years since I was there and what I wouldn't give to return!! Thinking back, I realize how lucky we were to be in a city with such a rich heritage. I regret not studying more or learning more about the city when I was there. How naive I was and young. But I also realize how many friends I made there whom I am still in contact with today. People I would have never met otherwise.

Unfortunately, I can't embed the video on my blog but click here to watch it. You won't regret it!

Anyone else love The Amazing Race?


Angie said...

I love the amazing race! I forgot you lived there. How fun! I've seen them in a few places where I would say... "I've been there", but you have me beat because I never LIVED in any of those places! :)

Mortons Love said...

yes! love it! what is it now? season 26?

Ryan & Kaeli said...

I am trying to Get Ry and his Boss to go!! The two of them would be HILARIOUS! They think it would be fun...just need to get them serious and apply!

Nells-Bells said...

the hubby and i have thrown the idea around of how cool it would be to do this. but have you ever looked at the hoops you have to jump through just to apply? it is insane. i guess we will just have to live with watching it unfold from our comfy couch. :)